<![CDATA[Voyageur Snowmobile Club - Trail Updates]]>Tue, 29 Dec 2015 05:02:27 -0600Weebly<![CDATA[December 26, 2015]]>Sun, 27 Dec 2015 04:34:55 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/december-26-2015The trails have a lot of water under them where we are crossing swamps. It's going to take a while for everything to freeze up. Pack them down if you can do it safely. Watch for gates that haven't been opened yet.

Now that we are past Christmas we can spend more time clearing the trails. Please post what has been checked, cleared, packed, and statuses on the Facebook page and I'll try to compile daily. Pictures are helpful also.

As of now, the town trails were clear before the snow and have been checked after. The swamps are still unfrozen and lakes have marginal ice. Some clearing has been done south of Isabella but the unfrozen swamp issue is more critical there. South of Kane Lake got checked today.

Early reports indicated that some areas are completely blocked from hanging trees from the heavy snow. In the process of checking and clearing, please be safe and pack the trail wider so it has a chance to freeze. The Tuckers won't be able to groom until everything is frozen wide enough.

The USFS form required for working on their land will be posted soon with information on how to get that filled out.]]>
<![CDATA[March 15, 2015]]>Sun, 15 Mar 2015 21:13:23 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/march-15-2015The spring sun and the warm temperatures have done a lot of damage to the trails the past week or so.  At this point the season is over for most of our trails although there is still snow cover in the northern most sections.  Please continue to watch for hazards that haven't been covered well all season if we get lucky and get some late month snow.]]><![CDATA[February 26, 2015]]>Fri, 27 Feb 2015 02:20:15 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/february-26-2015Well, first off, to avoid confusion, the Snow Conditions page has been hidden.  This page has more features than I'm aware of.  : )

We still haven't received any snow worth noting the past week but we are moving snow around where we can to fill in holes.  So far we have been successful without leaving too many bare spots.  Keep in mind with the low snow conditions, everything is turning to ice and you should keep your speeds down so you can travel safely to make corners and get around exposed hazards.  This is especially true on the Yukon since there are many area's that we can't get to when they aren't frozen.]]>
<![CDATA[February 17, 2015 Trail update]]>Wed, 18 Feb 2015 03:41:30 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/february-17-2015-trail-update Well, we finally got some good snow last week.  Not a lot but enough to attempt panning.  Here is our current status starting a couple weeks ago until now.

 Castle Danger Trails:  All were done Friday.  The previous panning was done on January 31st.  The areas that were flat, mowed, and free of long grass turned out OK with about a 3” base where conditions were good.  At that time it was panned from the state trail to a mile short of the Rustic Inn due to running out of snow.

 East Corridor:  Panned from Dixie, to the Brimson Trail on Wednesday.  The area’s flat and grass free turned out OK.  The areas with hummocks are rough with a lot of side to side pitching in the groomer.  Attempts to fill in holes were marginally successful.  More snow is still needed.

 Town Trails:  Snow drops off rapidly as you get closer to shore.  The last mile and a half at this point is showing lots of rocks and dirt.

 West Corridor:  The corridor from the airport road out to the CJR / NSST is panned with scattered bad areas.  Watch for soft areas due to ruts as the trail gets worn.

 Yukon Trail:  The Yukon has been panned from top to bottom.  There are a few areas that are rough so please be careful.  The areas flat, and grass free turned out OK for the most part.  The snow from Isabella to Forest Road 11 is decent.  From there to the south it is spotty until you get to the Kane Lake Road.  The part that was double panned between the Brimson trail and the CJR / NSST benefited some from the double pass but we need more snow yet.  No more panning will be done until there is enough snow to fill in holes.  So far the area that was traveled today is holding up well.  It’s up to the riders to maintain the quality of the trail until we get more snow.

 Yukon Spur:  This was panned today and turned out well in many areas since the base is far flatter overall.


We thank all of you for your patience in our trying to provide safe trails that go someplace instead of just dumping you in the middle of nowhere and you have to turn back around and go back the same way you came.  That is one of the great things about the trail systems along the north shore when we have enough snow.


          Our goal is to provide the best riding experience possible for those that live here and those that visit using what we have available.  If that isn’t satisfactory, we will gladly accept donations.  You can use the form at these links (http://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/uploads/9/0/1/1/9011500/vsc_membershipform_021315a.pdf, and https://www.facebook.com/TeamVSC/photos/a.225102814271286.49711.195488317232736/731440603637502) to help fund these equipment and trail improvements in order to come closer to your expectations. 

As priorities, we would like to have groomers that are under 10 years old to be able to provide this experience.  If we have a great flat base and we can’t groom the trail due to broken equipment, it serves no purpose.  At $210,000 per groomer, plus up to $20,000 for a drag, we are one third of the way there.  If you know our history, you know we are doing well.


It’s hard to believe, but the groomers are the cheapest part of the equation for higher quality trails.  Earlier great riding experiences with low snow conditions require a smooth base to start with.  This is difficult to obtain with our current trails that are inaccessible when not frozen and are filled with hummocks.  One solution for the trails that are on public land is the upgrading of the base to make it smooth and durable.  Current estimates for constructing such trails are $20,000 to $30,000 per mile.  If we are dealing with wetlands, and we will be, the costs can be five to ten times higher than that.  There is also the approval process and required reviews.  It’s a long process.


We welcome any financial assistance that those who aren’t satisfied can provide.  We are always happy to receive assistance and appreciation from anyone helping our volunteers do the best that we can with the limited resources available.


Thank You,


Voyageur Snowmobile Club


<![CDATA[February 6, 2015 Snow Depth's]]>Sat, 07 Feb 2015 20:32:35 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/february-6-2015-snow-depths]]><![CDATA[January 29, 2015]]>Sun, 01 Feb 2015 20:48:45 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/january-29-2015When we have a winter with low snow conditions and conditions that vary so much from the shore to miles inland there are many things to consider.  The factors include the terrain that we have to deal with on our trails, what everyone else is doing, the effect of trying to pan let alone grooming on the equipment, and the users of the trail system. 

We are continuing to review conditions but at this point we aren't going out to pan yet.  The primary reason is the lack of snow, potential damage to equipment, and safety concerns for trail users.  In the Isabella area the Tomahawk trail is being groomed since they have much more snow to deal with.  In the Whyte road area and west the Rangers Club is attempting to roll and pack their trails in preparation for more snow so there isn't more damage done to their grooming equipment.  The Pequaywan club is waiting for more snow until they go out.  The North Shore / CJ Ramstad State Trail has been panned in the Two Harbors area but there is little snow to actually groom.

In gathering all of this, and on ground information, our hope was that we could at least pan a corridor to knock down the grass so people attempting to ride, could go to a destination or complete a loop.  At this point we don't have enough to do even that.  The main problem is that most of our trail is on such uneven terrain that we need quite a bit of snow to fill in the holes and cover the rocks.  We have sections of trail that are on higher ground that could be good riding but we can't get there easily without potentially damaging equipment.  Groomers cost $210,000 and drags can get close to $20,000.  Tracks aren't designed to go over sharp rocks continuously unfortunately.

A prime example of varying conditions is the section south of highway one.  It is essentially forest road and relatively flat which provides decent riding without a lot of grooming in low snow conditions.  South of there is swamp.  In these low snow conditions we are making trail improvements by widening the Yukon south of the Yukon Spur trail as it has been growing in over the past few years.  That section should be much better once complete.  The end result is a safer trail.

We need close to a foot of snow, without losing any more base, to make the excellent trails that you expect.  We certainly hope we get that soon.  Thank you for your patience.]]>
<![CDATA[Jan. 8th Update]]>Wed, 08 Jan 2014 11:46:49 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/jan-8th-updatePicture
After the earliest start to grooming in the last decade, the trails are in great shape. The cold weather has kept traffic and grooming to a minimum for the last week or so, but the base is concrete hard! We'll be out grooming over the next few days to get things ready for what will likely be a very busy weekend on the North Shore. Temps are predicted to be in the high 20s to

<![CDATA[Christmas 2013 update]]>Mon, 23 Dec 2013 11:56:51 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/christmas-2013-updateAll our trails have been packed, and almost all have been groomed. The northern area of the Yukon is getting groomed today, although we still could use some more snow on the northern most 15 miles. The swamps and rocks make this area quite rough, and it takes a lot of good heavy snow to cover and fill all the obstacles. The trails out of Two Harbors and Castle Danger are the best they've been in many years, as are the corridor trails, Gooseberry/Castle Danger triails, the south Yukon, and the Yukon Spur. Get out and enjoy them, and Merry Christmas!
<![CDATA[December 16th Trail Report]]>Tue, 17 Dec 2013 00:11:51 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/december-16th-trail-reportWell, it's been a real challenging start! Over the last week and a half our club members have logged a few hundred hours between clearing, machine maintenance and grooming, and all trails are open and have been groomed at least once. I believe this is the earliest we've ever been able to groom, and it should be a great season, if the weather continues. Riding right out of Two Harbors or Castle Danger is also good, with a solid two feet of snow right around town, with amounts over three feet farther inland.
<![CDATA[March 22, 2013 Update]]>Fri, 22 Mar 2013 11:31:00 GMThttp://www.voyageursnowmobile.com/trail-updates/march-22-2013-updateWe've got all our trails groomed and in A-1 condition. If you can get away, this weekend should be some of the best riding conditions yet, and that's saying a lot this season. Lots of snow, and heavy drifting early this week made for tough grooming, but really shaped things up. The forecast for next week shows temps slowly creeping up, although still staying colder than traditional averages. Next weekend should be good as well, although things will be likely deteriorating after that.