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If we know of specific hazards we will post them here for your benefit.  If you come across a hazard, please give us the USNG GPS location using the tool from Shared Geo.  Use of the tool on your GPS enabled cell phone does not require a cellular signal to work but you do have to go to while you still have service, book mark it, and then allow the page access to your GPS receiver on your phone.  Test it at the start of your trip so it will be in your cache.  If you find a hazard or need emergency assistance from the Lake County Sheriff's Office, take a screenshot of your location.  The screen will look similar to the sign below.  When the characters are all blue, this is your location within 100 square meters (120 square yards).


John A. Brandt Trail Shelter location

Please take pictures of the hazard as well so we know what we need to bring to resolve the problem.  Please contact us via and we will provide an Email address where you can send us the attachments.

If you require emergency assistance.  Use the tool at to find and record the location where assistance is required and then give that information to the Lake County Sheriff's Office by calling 911.  The JAB Shelter is one of the highest points in the area and limited cell service is available from that location.  Make sure you have the web site in your cache so it will work when you don't have cell service and check with your cellular service provider prior to your trip so you know where you will have the best chance of having service for calling in your emergency.

Known trail hazards will be reported here and removed as they are resolved.

Current hazards are swamps that are not frozen and many trees laying across the trail from heavy snow.  Members are needed to pack the snow in a wide path so it has a chance to freeze enough for the groomers to be used when the trees are removed.  Thank you for your assistance.

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