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Team VSC Fueling Problem Reporting

As a public service we are now providing gasoline service at the Voyageur Snowmobile Club World Headquarters (former Dixie property) which is six miles north of town at 2505 County Highway 2.  With the loss of the Dixie and low snow conditions, it became very apparent that there is a need for gasoline service in this area.  This is one of the reasons we purchased the property and made 91 Non Oxy and 87 octane Regular gas available.

As many of you know, the profit margin for gasoline is very low but we will do our best to keep our prices competitive with other establishments in the area.  We don't have a convenience store to help boost profits so we certainly appreciate your business.  Your purchase helps us maintain and make our trails as nice as possible.

As a service to the snowmobiling public we welcome you to use our parking lot as a drop off point for your snowmobile or ATV enjoyment of the area.  All we ask is that you consider using our fuel services and if you are using the parking lot for more than a day, you message us here or on Facebook with your vehicle information, and when you plan on being back in case we need to reach you.


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